(Society of German Chemists)

Fachgruppe Analytische Chemie

(Division of Analytical Chemistry)


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für Angewandte Spektroskopie 

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The DASp (German Work Group for Applied Spectroscopy) is a work group within the Fachgruppe Analytische Chemie (Division of Analytical Chemistry) of the GDCh (Society of German Chemists).

Established in 1949 by spectroscopists working in the development and application of methods, the DASp:

The DASp acts as

The DASp awards the industry-funded Bunsen Kirchhoff Award for extraordinary accomplishments of young scientists or for the efforts of life-long research in the field of spectroscopy.

Individuals and companies working in the field of spectroscopy and related areas can apply for membership in the DASp. Membership in the DASp is not mandatory..

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For details regarding membership and further activities see the homepage of the GDCh.

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