Courses and further education

Knowledge transfer at the University of Tuebingen - UV/Vis-Spektroscopy I application (in german only)

Solving of practical problems in product control using UV/Vis spectroscopy and research in the following fields:

  • Reception and dispatch control
  • Quality assurance and purity control
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • General, routine and high-resolution spectra
  • Spectra of gaseous, liquid and solid samples
  • Photometry of cloudy and scattering liquids
  • Calorimetry

In addition, various device types and measuring methods will be compared.

Knowledge transfer of the University of Tuebingen - Bio- and Chemosensors (in german only)

Based on earlier successful courses new methods of e-learning are to be used to convey the contents of the teaching manuscripts in a modern form, including multimedia-based elements which the students can use to prepare for the courses and lectures they will attend. In the two-day course, questions that arose in seminars will be discussed and areas of application for the different sensor types will be presented. During the preparation period and in the theoretical and practical courses, various transduction principles and sensitive layers will be addressed. Electrical, electrochemical, thermal, and optical methods will be covered. Experiments offered during the course cover gas sensors, environmental analysis, process control, immunosensors, and receptor/ligand interactions; participants can choose the experiments they need. Although the course imparts basic knowledge, its focus is on applications and on topics of special interest to the participants, not providing a cursory overview of the whole spectrum of transduction methods, bio or chemosensors and applications. Miniaturisation, parallelisation and chemometric analysis of sensor arrays will be discussed as well. Through multimedia-based preparation and the opportunity to choose from a variety of topics, the theoretical and practical courses can adapt to the individual interests of the participants.