Professor Gauglitz gives lectures and holds seminars on analytical chemistry and coordinates the corresponding modules for advanced chemistry students. He also lectures on reaction kinetics. Professor Gauglitz supervises physical-chemistry la courses for chemist (beginners), pharamcists, earth scientists, and bioinformaticians and the accompanying seminars. Information on courses and lectures and other important information can be found at the Lehre-Portal des Instituts für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie (website for courses at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, in german only). Students attending the practical courses can find information on their courses' progress in the Praktikumsdatenbank (lab course database, in german only). Staff members of the Gauglitz group are acting as tutors in the practical courses and in addition to the lectures of our institute.

The course and lecture schedules change from semester to semester; fot detailed information please see the Vorlesungsverzeichnis (in german only) which lists the courses, lectures, etc. of each department.

Teaching contents are prepared using multimedia elements such as interactive animations, Java applets, simulations and video sequences for various experiments which enable students to prepare in depth for lectures and lab courses and help them monitoring their learning progress. For links and examples see Multimedia.