Within the last few years the working group of Günter Gauglitz took active part in several "Multimedia and Teaching" projects.

In the project "Virtugrade", which was funded as a cooperative project within the programme "Virtual University Baden-Württemberg" supporting the education of graduate students, multimedia animations and applets for simulating the processes on expensive lab instruments were developed.

The knowledge transfer in the area of physical chemistry was continued in the projects "Bioinformatics", "Networked Chemistry Studies" and "Innovative teaching", funded by "Baden-Württemberg" and the BMBF, respectively.

The Vernetztes Studium - Chemie project (Networked Chemistry Studies) provides further references and multimedia-based information collated from 16 universities. For demonstration of the contents, additionally to animations and applets filmed experiments, simulation tools and the 3-dimensional visualization of reaction processes contribute to these subjects. The option of using learning trails makes it easier for the students to obtain the knowledge they need.